We are delighted to announce our collaboration with a local Cumbrian family farm to offer a single source of farm assured milk. We’ve long wanted to work directly with a single family farm to source all our milk, as we’re aware of the impact secure contracts have on the future of farms.

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Working with a local farm and a local dairy is a great way for us to do our bit to maintain the sustainability of Cumbrian dairy farms. Farming is a challenge during the best of times and having a stable and reliable local market for milk is crucial for farmers.

The farming family producing our milk are the Harringtons, who have farmed at Mounsey Bank Farm in Cumbria for three generations and have perfected superior quality milk with a high butterfat percentage. Their herd of 130 pedigree Friesians graze outdoors on Cumbrian pastures and are only milked enough to extract a rich and creamy product, perfect for all our hot drinks and baking in our Cafes and Foodhalls.

We spent a day with the family filming what they do and of course meeting the herd. This great video shows the passion the Harrington family have for what they do.