Filling station

The Rheged Centre has a 24 hour Petrol filling station, which includes

  • Diesel and unleaded
  • Ecotricty Electric Car Charging Point (8am – 5pm) see for details
  • Provision to top up your tyres with free air.
  • A cash point which does not charge for withdrawals
  • Drinks, snacks, sandwiches, magazines, household goods, beers and wines,  coal and kindling in our shop.
  • A coffee machine for hot drinks to go.
  • Lottery tickets.
  • An information area on ideas on what to do in the area.
  • Customers can use a Tesco club card with all Esso branded fuel transactions. Customers will receive 1 point for every 2 litres up to a maximum of 100 litres per transaction.

You don’t have to shop at Tesco to redeem Clubcard points. There are a number of rewards for which the points can be used other than for shopping. If you do not want to collect Clubcard points, discounts cannot be offered as an alternative.

Clubcard customers can choose to redeem their vouchers in different ways: In-store or on-line at face value on products sold at Tesco stores; Wait for voucher exchange periods and double the voucher face value for redemption on certain categories at Tesco; Exchange on-line using the Clubcard website, offering up to 4x face value with selected retailers.

For more information click which has a full list of where you can redeem the points and useful Q and A sections.

Esso understand that every driver is looking for the best possible value, every time they fill up at the pump. With this in mind we have developed our Esso Supreme Unleaded with twice the level of detergent additives of our regular fuels. Testing has shown that regular use of our Supreme Fuels not only gives fuel injectors a deeper clean than standard petrol, it also helps ensure you’re getting better performance from your engine.

To find out more click on which includes some handy tips on other things you can do to reduce fuel consumption.


As part of some exciting developments to our filling station shop, there will be no access to our toilets, cash machine and coffee machine, and there will be a smaller retail offer in our shop. Additional toilet facilities are available in the main centre, just around the corner, open 8.30am – 5.30pm.

We will be completely closed from 7pm for all fuel and shop sales from 8 March 2017 for one week.

We apologise for any inconvenience whilst this work is taking place.