The Great Print Exhibition 2017 – Exhibitors

The Great Print Exhibition 2017 – Exhibitors

Bryan Angus

Produces Lino Cut Prints, From Banff, Aberdeenshire.

Jamie Barnes

Kendal based printmaker and curator producing etchings and aquatints.

Robert Battams

Screenprints and collagraphs, Jerwood Drawing prize finalist based in Sheffield

Kate Bentley

Landscape Artist, member of Lake Artists Society. Various forms of printmaking

Amelia Bowman Robbie

Vivid, colourful and strongly graphical prints. Based in Norfolk

Ed Boxall

Printmaker, writer and illustrator based in Hastings, East Sussex

Stuart Brocklehurst

Linocuts and Mezzotints featuring landscapes and wildlife. Based in West Yorkshire

Chila Burman

Multidisciplinary artist and printmaker with work in national collections including Tate, V&A and Arts Council England

James Bywood

Colourful landscapes inspired by mid-century style tourism posters, based in West Yorkshire

Claire Cameron Smith

Artist from South-West Scotland producing Woodblock Prints

Sarah Cemmick

Wildlife Lino cuts on specialist papers. Based in the Eden Valley, Cumbria

Hester Cox

North Yorkshire printmaker showing a range of collagraphs of wildlife and landscape

Jane Daniell

Aquatints with a strong element of storytelling. Based in London

Jill Davis

Linocuts of Cumbria’s Rural and Farming landscape. Based near Ravenglass, Cumbria

Kerry Day

Exuberant Linocuts of exotic plants using the reduction method. Based in Bristol

Susan Dobson

Mountain artist, monotypes and etchings of mountain landscapes from around the world

Janice Earley

Printmaker of primarily Linocuts based in the Northern Lake District

Katie Edwards

Illustrator and printmaker producing colourful and imaginative Screenprints. Based in South Cumbria

Mila Furstova

Gloucestershire based artist producing etchings encompassing a number of techniques including papercut.

Pamela Grace

Based just over the border in Galloway. Solar Plate etchings of landscapes

Lucie Green

Screenprints of nature and people. Lucie lives and works in Bristol

Ruth Green

Silkscreen printmaker based in Birmingham. Colourful designs of animals and plant life

Phil Greenwood

Intricate and colourful etchings on a large scale. Based in rural Kent.

Tom Harforth

Screenprinter whose architectural subjects are embellished with dust collected from the abandoned buildings depicted in his prints.

Brenda Hartill

Painter and printmaker who makes collagraphs, a mixture of abstract work and landscape.

Andrew Haslen

Sussex-based painter and printmaker producing bold and colourful linocuts of wildlife

Lisa Hooper

Printmaker working across a wide variety of techniques including linocut and etching

David Jones

Norwich based artist producing still lifes in linocut and woodcut

Sabrina Kaici

French artist based in London. Uses screenprinting and foil-blocking to create moons, constellations and natural forms

Anita Klein

Internationally renowned printmaker. Based in London and Italy. Lino prints inspired by life with family and friends

Lydia Leith

Artist and Designer and illustrator based in Cumbria

Suzie Mackenzie

Collagraphs of landscapes from the far North Eastern Scottish Highlands

Rona MacLean

Edinburgh based artist. Mixture of screenprint and mezzotint of natural subjects.

Clare Melinsky

Linocuts from this printmaker and illustrator. Clare has illustrated covers of popular books including Harry Potter. Based in Dumfriesshire

Julian Milner

Printmaker using uncommon technique of Stone Lithography. Landscapes and still lifes. Based in south Cumbria

Angie Mitchell

Kendal based artist and printmaker producing linocuts and collagraphs

Sarah Morgan

Collagraphs prints using the intaglio technique. Inspired by landscape and people outdoors

Sylvia Moritz

Detailed etchings of imaginary cities made up of landmarks from around the world, as well as natural subjects. Based in Vienna.

Gillian Murray

Edinburgh based printmaker making Screenprints of the Scottish landscape

Jane Ormes

Fun, colourful Screenprints with a mid-century feel, featuring optimistic sheep and paranoid cats. Based in Bristol

Rolf Parker

Cockermouth based artist who created etchings and aquatints based on the Cumbrian landscape

Hilary Paynter

One of the county’s leading wood engravers, whose work features landscape, animals and people. Based in Devon

Mark A Pearce

Cumbrian Printmaker based in Ravenglass. Mark works in reduction linocut producing landscapes bathed in light

Ian Philips

Aberystwyth based printmaker producing reduction linocuts of the North Wales coastline.

Sarah Robley

Linocuts of animals with inspiration from medieval heraldry and marginalia as well as wildlife around her Cumbrian home

Heike Roesel

Large irregularly shaped etchings of abstract forms blending imagery of landscape and maps. Based in Brighton.

Sarah Ross Thompson

Hand inked collagraphs prints inspired by the Dorset landscape

Lucie Sheridan

Illustrator and designer, Lucie produces vibrant Screenprints with a bold graphic style.

Ivy Smith

Norwich based painter and printmaker. Linocuts and etchings featuring people and also landscapes

Kelly Stewart

Australian artist now based in Edinburgh. Architecture, landscapes and animals in an illustrative style captured in screenprint

Alan Stones

Painter and printmaker based in the Eden Valley, Cumbria. Quiet, reflective lithographs suggesting unspoken narratives

Glynn Thomas

Mind-bending etchings featuring cities and landscapes that fold and bend around the page. Based in Suffolk

Kate Timney

Cumbrian illustrator, artist and printmaker living in Glasgow

Glenn Tomkinson

Aquatints and Etchings from Cumbria based printmaker. Landscapes of the Lake district and surrounding area

Liz Toole

Linocut and Chine Collé, featuring birds and plant life. Recently moved to southern Argyll after many years in Brighton

Anna Tosney

Yorkshire based artist working in dry point and Monoprint. Artworks with animals and figures inspired by her rural surroundings.

Simon Tozer

Bristol based printmaker creating Screenprints inspired by popular art and children’s illustration.

Rebecca Vincent

Printmaker based in Northumberland. Etchings of landscapes in a unique and colourful style

Ellen Von Wiegand

Linocuts of introspective female nudes. Based in London

Kate Watkins

Hampshire based printmaker. Coastal landscapes in etching, silkscreen and collagraphs

Frans Wesselman

Printmaker and Stained Glass artist based in Worcester. Images of figures with a hint of surrealism.

Beverly White

Cumbrian based printmaker and member of the Lake Artists Society. Working in wood engraving

Liz Whiteman Smith

Quirky Screenprints inspired by travel, with a vivid colour pallet. Based in London

Jess Wilson

Artist and illustrator based in London producing Screenprints. Recent work blending maps and words.

Sally Winter

Landscapes in etching and aquatint inspired by her local Dorset environment