Best Of British Season – The Lobster - 15

Best Of British Season – The Lobster - 15

Some viewers may find scenes challenging to watch due to graphic content and strong language.

A ‘subversive romantic comedy’ from Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos, nominated for seven awards at the British Independent film awards. Lobster is a film about lonely singletons facing threat of being turned into animals if they don’t fall in love. Starring Colin Farrell, Lobster takes the idea of this traditional fairy tale ideology and turns love into a trivial and intricate concept.

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A wickedly funny protest against societal preference for nuclear coupledom that escalates, by its own sly logic, into a love story of profound tenderness and originality.


The Lobster is a droll piece of work lashed with grim humor. For every moment that makes you laugh, there may be another that leaves you with your mouth hanging open.


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    122 minutes