WED 10 JANUARY 2018 – FRI 14 SEPT // Experience an artwork that is a breath of fresh air at Rheged. A signature installation in Lakes Ignite 2018, ‘Slung’ is a huge, vibrant and colourful commissioned artwork by acclaimed artist Michael Shaw. Created from ripstop fabric often used in parachutes and hot air balloons, it is suspended in the heart of Rheged. ‘Slung’ resembles a pair of lungs appearing to breathe the fresh air of the rich open countryside, a key reason why many visit the Lake District. ‘Slung’ invites you to reflect on the constant cycle of change and interaction between nature, weather and the built environment that has a profound impact on how the Lake District – the world’s newest world heritage site – looks today. The bulbous, striped shapes have a joyful nature, which in the words of the artist “has a mild flavour of Dr Seuss, with a hint of the Cheshire Cat from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland”.

Following your visit, please share your thoughts and photos of Slung with #LakesIgnite @LakesCulture @RhegedCentre on twitter.

Plan your visit to coincide with events and exhibitions throughout the year at Rheged, a huge cinema showing the latest films every day and evening, individual shops and delicious local artisan food in the Food hall and cafés. It’s free to park and come into the centre

Lakes Ignite is a project by Lakes Culture, a consortium of organisations promoting cultural events and venues within Cumbria to improve our cultural legacy and promote tourism. Lakes Ignite 2018 presents six specially commissioned contemporary artworks to celebrate the Lake District’s new UNESCO world heritage status for its cultural landscape. Each artwork relates to one, or all three themes for which the World Heritage Status inscription was given;

• Identity – the way man’s interaction with the landscape has shaped what we see today
• Inspiration – a landscape that has inspired, and continues to inspire, artists, writers and visitors
• Conservation – a landscape that is worth preserving for future generations

Find out about all six Lakes Ignite artworks and where to see them at www.lakesculture.co.uk


    Every day from 8.30am-8.30pm
  • COST
    Free, in our central Mountain Hall