Micro:Bit Creative Coding with MakoCreate

Micro:Bit Creative Coding with MakoCreate

Interested in coding, programming or electronic? This two-hour fun, creative and hands-on coding with Micro:Bit workshop is the perfect activity to get you to discover and show off your creative coding talents.

You will discover the techniques and tools required to program a Micro:Bit. You will learn the process of planning, coding, flashing and running your own program. We use a free online coding platform so you can continue the fun at home.

What you’ll learn:
– What a Micro:Bit is.
– How a Micro:Bit Functions. (What it can do)
– Introduce coding mentality. (Problem Solving, Bug Fixing, Testing etc)
– How to use block-based coding.
– Writing code and making programs.
– How to flash (Upload) code to Micro:Bits
– Beta Testing Micro:Bit programs (playing with code on Micro:Bit)

As well as leaving with your new found knowledge and skills, you will receive a certificate and pin badge that shows you have successfully completed this workshop and you are a certified MakoCreater.

All equipment will be provided on the day, you just need to bring yourself.

This event is in the past. Please see our current events here


    2 hours
    8yrs+ (children under 8yrs must be accompanied by an adult)