Jim Anderson : Printing out of recycled materials

Jim Anderson : Printing out of recycled materials

Session starts with homemade papermaking for the first 1/2 hr. You will then move onto making prints out of recycled materials such as polystyrene burger trays. Next you will make and build up a printing block out of a scrap wood, string, sand, glue, sawdust, hair, and other abandoned materials, stuck together and sealed with carpenter’s glue…… This collaged plate can then be used to intaglio-print the major elements of the image onto pieces of your own handmade paper, making your final artwork truly unique. Some stencilling techniques are also shown.

This is an extremely fun and explorative way to experiment with printmaking and shows how to print using what we already have without need for a printing press or special materials.

Bring old clothes or an apron.

This event is in the past. Please see our current events here

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  • Duration
    2 hrs
  • Age
    10+ to adult