Cumbria Life Home and Garden Show 2018 – Testimonials

Cumbria Life Home and Garden Show 2018 – Testimonials

Cumbria Life Home and Garden Show

From exhibitors

“I have been fortunate to have been invited to participate at Cumbria Home & Life Shows for the past several years. It has grown year on year, and is now one of the best in the north for exhibiting quality, predominantly local, products. Well organised, friendly and very busy.

Excitement for the 2018 show is already building. As a high-quality local event, I am able at the Cumbria Life Home & Garden Show to promote my ‘tree to finished furniture’ commissions – where, by using my own mobile sawmill, I can plank a customer’s own tree to create furniture that is totally and uniquely theirs. A recent example of this has featured in the national magazine ’25 Beautiful Homes’ – the customer having first seen my work at Rheged.

The annual Cumbria Life Home & Garden Show at Rheged has become a ‘must-do’ on my annual events list – as it has become a ‘must-go-to’ for discerning buyers across the north of England and southern Scotland. At a lovely venue, with friendly helpful organisers and quality local products – it has increased awareness of my work in Cumbria resulting in several commissions.”
Daniel Lacey Design & Furniture from Langholm

‘We received enquiries from several focussed visitors who came to see us because we were exhibiting at this particular show and most of them are now customers ‘We love the friendly and cohesive atmosphere of the Home and Garden Show which continues to develop with fellow exhibitors year after year” John of Wools of Cumbria

‘The facilities and staff at Rheged make it a very pleasant place for visitors to meet with exhibitors at such a well- organised event. “As first year attendees with the bonus of being part show sponsors we loved the whole show experience and with regards to feedback, we are still receiving orders in November from people who attended the show in March !”  Carl Henderson, Penrith Building Supplies

“Ruddick Garden Gifts had never done any shows until the Home & Garden show in 2015 and when we got the chance to do this show we thought we had won the lottery. The show means the world to us as a mainly internet business it gives us the chance to meet customers and showcase our products. It is a huge social gathering of likeminded people who are interested in what we have to offer. It really gives us a buzz to meet them and other stall holders. It not only gives us a chance to get our name out there but James meets his Ruddick Landscape Services customers too. We love it!!!” Ruddick Garden Gifts

From visitors

“When moving to Cockermouth from near Bath in September 2016, it was difficult to know how to find quality goods and suppliers to kit out our new home and garden. Cumbria Life Magazine was a useful starting point but it also pointed us to the show in Rheged for inspiration. The Cumbria life Home and Garden show certainly delivered! We found and used [in no particular order] Interior Design, Garden Design, Bespoke Joinery, Herdwick Carpets, Plants, and found our decorator through a Cockermouth Exhibitor at the show. Not a bad start! It was great to be able to buy local and get such amazing goods and services in Cumbria!”  Visitor Feedback from 2017 Show.

“We loved the variety of exhibitors and spent a long time talking to owners. We were not short of ideas when we left. As a direct result of the show we bought goods and services from several exhibitors and have been more than happy with the quality and expertise on offer. There was also some amazing design on view. It was great to be able to buy local and get such amazing goods and services in Cumbria!”  Visitor Feedback from 2017 Show.

‘Liz from Buzy Lizzie Garden Design told us about the Homes and Garden show at Rheged last year as we were planning a new garden. We visited the 2017 show and it was one of the best decisions we made. At the show we got lots of ideas and sourced materials to use. We could discuss our ideas with the exhibitors who were very helpful and knowledgeable. Penrith Building Supplies, Buzy Lizzie Garden Design, A&R Fire Pit Design and Stephen Ball were brilliant. A fantastic day out ’.Visitor Feedback,  Stewart & Liz, Carlisle