Cumbria Life Home and Garden Show 2018 Blog – Masterclass with Miles-Moore Ceramics

6 February 2018


Siobhan and Martin, of Miles-Moore Ceramics, alongside The Forest Side owner, Andrew Wildsmith, will be with us to demonstrate and discuss the crucial relationship between tableware and food.

Starting with a demonstration by Martin, throwing a Japanese tea bowl and a dining service, we will discuss how bespoke tableware works with Michelin starred dining to create unique stories and experiences, reconnecting us to food and environment. Attendees will then see a demonstration on ‘plating up’ desserts on this beautiful tableware, with tastings by Luke Whittle a Chef de Partie at The Forest Side, Grasmere.

Working from a studio in South Cumbria, Siobhan and Martin Miles-Moore draw their inspiration, finishes and glazes from the landscape around them. Much of their work explores rituals around eating and drinking and our connection to our environment and through these the importance of understanding our sense of place.

We caught up with Siobhan to find out more.

How did the business begin?

Martin had been a Ceramic artist in the 1980s and 1990s. The stock market crash had a huge impact on the art market at the level that he was working and with a family to support he returned to Physiotherapy. Five years ago, my Mum died and we took a long hard look at the life we were living and decided we needed to simplify things, so we moved home. Martin had always felt he would return to ceramics one day, so he did. After 6 months of development work we formally launched the business in June 2016. 3 months later I sold my first piece and decided to join the business full time.

Untitled design (35)

What’s your favourite part of the job?
It absolutely has to be the amazing people that we meet and the amazing places we get to visit. To become part of people’s stories is such an honour, be that through a commission piece for a new home or a carefully chosen wedding present. We learn so much through our work with chefs, how they work, how they tell their stories though their food, where they get inspiration from and that feeds into our work. We work with a Japanese Tea Master to better understand how to create ceremonial tea bowls; we are constantly amazed by the extent to which this ancient ceremony provides insight that we can apply in our other work.

What inspires your work?
We both draw inspiration from our surrounding and landscape, and their stories. In different ways both of our work explores a sense of place. Using foraged materials and minerals anchors our work in place, our work with chefs is an expansion of that, through food and community. The tea ceremony is an exercise in “mindfulness” and remembering that human beings are part of a wider natural world and our tea bowls need to play their part in that.

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What’s your favourite part of your home and garden and why?
We both love to cook, so our kitchen is our favourite part of our home. Our kitchen was built with the wood from the floors and stairs of the original structure that is now our home. It has been designed to be organised in many different ways. We particularly love our Gin cupboard which has the original barn door lock on it! In our garden our tables are so important! We love having friends around to eat and drink and have become huge fans of using cable reels. We can seat 12 around our main table and the pizza oven has been on its temporary cable reel base for 2 years!

Siobhan adds,

“We are so excited to be taking part in the show because it is an amazing opportunity to be part of a show case of some of the very best things about Cumbria. Perhaps more importantly we get to create new stories through talking to new audience of interested people about our work and the stories of Cumbria”

We can’t wait to see their masterclass as part of the Cumbria Life Home and Garden Show 2018.
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