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Our community

Our community

We began with our roots firmly embedded in the Cumbrian fells and our heritage within that community. Community is therefore at the heart of what we do.  Our focus is to support communities which are local to us and the communities in which our staff live.

It’s important to us that our work with the community goes beyond monetary donations and that we work with local organisations from charities, schools and businesses through to sports clubs and church groups.

Our Staff Community Fund awards grants ranging from £100 to £5,000 to help fund local community projects.   Penrith Pre-School Nursery modernisation project, equipment to set up a Mitsuru Karate group at Shap and Upper Eden Rugby Union Activity Camp are some of the some of the projects we’ve supported.

Our five year charity partnership with The Lake District Calvert Trust, means we can really make a difference.  The Calvert Trust is based near Keswick and enables people with disabilities, together with their families and friends, to achieve their potential through the challenge of outdoor adventure in the countryside.   So far, over £40,000 has been raised from collection boxes at all our tills, but it’s important to us that we support them not only by raising money but also by giving of our time to help with specific projects.